Partnership proposal:
Sofia Summer Fest 2020
Solution for the urban cultural program in this complex situation of quarantine and distance
The Situation:
In the upcoming months of 2020, many cultural events have been canceled or postponed. It is in this situation that we decided to create Sofia Summer Fest, to build a stage in the center of Sofia, where movies, theaters, children's performances, concerts, etc. can be presented.
„SOFIA SUMMER FEST" 2020 will present:
Large stage with screen:
on which, in addition to the film program for children and adults, will show some of the events included in the cultural calendar of Sofia
Various cultural events:
Theatrical productions, comedy shows and presentations, sports broadcasts and shows with commentators
Theater and film programs for children:
Puppet theaters, screenings and concerts for the little ones Favorite and latest movie titles
Sport events:
Various classes and trainings conducted in compliance with the quarantine measures
Everything at the territory of the festival will take place in accordance with the measures, rules and restrictions imposed by COVID-19
Sofia, South Park II
(The meadow behind the “Earth and People” Museum)
When will it take place?
will take place between
15th of July and 30th of September

More than 2 months the Cultural scene in the center of Sofia
Who are we?
Joint project of
Bulgarian Live Music, Chouchkov Brothers,
Sofia Film Fest, BSG Media, 8pm
Some of the already confirmed participants:
We will continue to work hard in terms of organization and communication with all participants.
Zahari Baharov
Victoria Georgieva
Julian Vergov
Kamen Vodenicharov
Geri Turijska
Zvezdomir keremidchiev – Zvezdi
Stefan Valdobrev
Aleksandra Sarchadjieva
Niki Kunchev
Victor Chouchkov
Aleko Konstantinov Theater of Satire
Counter effect
Theater Revival
100 Kila
Maria Ilieva
Theater Melpomena
Conductor Dimitar Kosev
And a lot more
From us for you
Our efforts are focused on organizing a unique festival and we are in a continuous process that requires joint commitment and coordination at the highest level. We are open to conversations and ideas that will make the event one of a kind. Of course, you will receive all the advertising we can give you, as well as full support for the joint project.
Partnership Parameters:
Your tent:
opportunity for direct sales or marketing activations or both
Branding the stage
around the screen panels from decorative fence, branding the van at the checkout
Providing additional advertising space:
The number and places will be specified.
Ability to broadcast advertising spot
up to 30 seconds on the LED screen. (the number will be specified in addition to the financial parameters, but the rotations will be not less than 10 per day. Please provide a video within 7 days before the start)
Advertising vinyl’s
Possibility to place advertising vinyl’s with dimensions 2000x1095 mm (movable fence Eco Toy) - up to 5 pcs.
Possibility to place beach flags up to 4 pcs.
Presence on the Facebook page for the event
Your logo in the advertising materials for the event
Logo and PR article in the program booklet Support your every idea and realizing it on the spot
We are committed to:
• Scene

• Sound system

• Additional cultural, musical and sports program

• Tents

• Fences and chemical toilets

• Decoration

• Program with educational, cultural, musical and sports orientation

• Prize fund for participants in daily games and activities

• Hosts / Niki Kanchev, Stefan Shterev, Miro, Joana Dragneva and others /

• Food court - with the special participation of Radostin Kiryazov - world champion of the pizza championship in Portugal 2018, chef Andre Tokev / in negotiations / and chef Victor Angelov / in negotiations /, chef Radi Stambolov.

• 24-hour security

• Technical team

• Daily cleaning team of the festival area
Our offer is not to be partners, but we offer you to be Together!
Only with joint efforts will we make the festival the cultural event of the summer in Sofia.
Thank you for the trust!
We are confident that with your support and together with the artists, we will be able to get through this crisis and the residents and guests of the capital will have their place for culture, despite the complex situation in the country.
Joint project of
Bulgarian Live Music, Chouchkov Brothers,
Sofia Film Fest, BSG Media, 8pm
Aleksi Kalev
+359 884 22 22 94

Borislav Chouchkov
+359 888 233 007

Boris Galabov
+359 888 32 68 98

Radi Georgiev
+359 886 937 793

Mira Staleva
+359 887 26 24 29
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